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Why Our Partners Love Us

No RFP Needed
PCI Compliant
Development at No Cost to Agency

No Lengthy RFP Process

When working with us, there is no need to release a Request for Proposal to have SCI develop an online Web application or to utilize our enterprise solutions. SCI is a pre-approved partner for eGovernment solutions within the State of South Carolina. Your agency will sign an agreement with SCI and then SCI will work directly with your agency on all aspects of application development and/or website creation.

PCI Compliance

Our applications and infrastructure are all fully PCI compliant. Partner with us for secure application development and payment processing.

Cost Savings

Applications and services are designed, built, and implemented at no cost to the State or your organization. We can do this because of our unique self-funded model. Applications are built at no cost to governmental entities. Revenue to support comes primarily from nominal transaction fees associated with some of the online services we create, host and maintain. These enhanced access fees are used to fund the development of additional online e-government services. Additionally, most of the services provided through SCI do not involve transaction fees and are offered at no cost to the public.

But there is so much more

Free Hosting and Infrastructure

When you work with us we host and maintain applications and sites for free. We maintain the current infrastructure which resides at the State's Data Center, including all hardware and software. You do not have to worry about (or pay for) anything.

Time Savings

We can provide solutions to turn routine, time-consuming tasks into interactive web-enabled and mobile applications for citizens and businesses. We will help you streamline your processes and help you maximize efficiency. In turn, your agency can spend more time on productive work, and less time dealing with paper filings or data entry.

Our Success is Your Success

Using the self-funded model, its in our best interest to encourage high adoption and get people and businesses using your online services. If no one uses them, we don't generate any revenue, your business processes don't become more efficient and no one wins. This gives us built in incentive to market our own services on your behalf and develop them rapidly. Our success is dependent on your success…and we’ll do everything it takes to make sure we are the best partner you’ve ever had.

Dedicated Customer and Technical Support

South Carolina Interactive provides ongoing customer service for all of the applications and services we develop for the life of the application. Our team is located in downtown Columbia. We provide our own customer service, during normal business hours Monday – Friday to handle phone, email, and live chat communications for all services, as well as provide technical support and answer billing questions. Additionally we provide 24/7 phone support.

Happier Citizens!

eGovernment services enable citizens and businesses to interact and conduct business with government securely and efficiently – on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Citizens are happier when they can conduct their business with the government online at anytime and from anywhere, via mobile or from the comfort of their own home. No more driving in to town, trying to find and pay for parking, and then waiting in long lines. It’s a win – win for everyone!

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