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No RFP Needed
Development at No Cost to Agency
No HTML Knowledge Required

Palmetto SiteBuilder is a no cost, user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) developed specifically for state and local governments. Regardless of size, location or technical expertise, government entities across South Carolina can provide a web presence to reach their audience. An attractive, engaging and user-friendly website is a must-have to better serve your constituents!


7,246,288Visitors In 2018


  • A professionally-designed, modern website
  • Fully responsive website, meaning that your website functions and looks great on all devices
  • 508 accessibility compliant website template
  • Easy to use website editor
  • Simple file and image upload tools
  • Automatic "Recent News" feed appearing on your Homepage
  • Social media channel integration, including Facebook and Twitter


  • SCI will host your website for no cost
  • SCI will assist with designing your website for no cost using one of our easy to use website templates
  • SCI will formally train you to display, organize and manage your website content
  • Knowledge of HTML is not required

Current Partners

State Agencies and Departments

  • Access SC IT (ASCIT)
  • Admin, Dept of
  • Archives and History, Dept of (SCDAH)
  • Center for Educational Partnerships (CEP)
  • Commissioner of Banking, Office of the - Board of Financial Institutions
  • Comptroller General
  • Conservation Bank (SCCBank)
  • Consumer Affairs, Dept of (DCA)
  • Corrections, Dept of (DOC)
  • Criminal Justice Academy (SCCJA)
  • Disabilities and Special Needs, Dept of (DDSN)
  • Education Oversight Committee (EOC)
  • Ethics Commission, State
  • Equipment Distribution Program (EDP) - Regulatory Staff, Office of (ORS)
  • Financial Institutions, Board of (BOFI)
  • Governor, Office of the
  • Human Affairs Commission
  • Inspector General, Office of (OIG)
  • K-12 School Technology Initiative, SC
  • Lace House (PRT)
  • Legislative Audit Council (LAC)
  • Minority Affairs, Commission for (CMA)
  • Procurement Review Panel (PRP)
  • Public Safety, Dept of (DPS)
  • Public Service Commission (PSC)
  • Regulatory Staff, Office of (ORS)
  • School Improvement Council (SIC)
  • Transportation Infrastructure Bank (SCTIB)
  • Workers' Compensation Commission (WCC)


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