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Custom Application Development

The contract between NIC South Carolina and the State of South Carolina allows us to develop many innovative services for the State. We design and build online, device responsive, and mobile applications that are accessible and available to South Carolinians anytime, anywhere. Partnering with NIC South Carolina allows government entities to leverage NIC South Carolina's professional technical team and provide secure online and mobile services, including but not limited to:

  • Applications for licenses, permits, registrations, renewals, and other related documents
  • Financial transactions
  • Data searches
  • Bulk Data Access

Whether the desired solution is needed to enable businesses and citizens to search for information, apply online for licensing or permitting, pay for goods and services, or complete complex processes across multiple entities, NIC South Carolina is the answer to your web-enabled development needs. Also, NIC South Carolina works under a statewide contract that allows us to work with government entities without a Request for Proposal (RFP). What can we build for you?

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