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Gov2Go ImageIt’s a fact: citizens can sometimes feel confused about where to turn for their required interactions with government, especially when dealing with multiple agencies. But as their personal devices have grown smarter, people now expect these interactions to be tailored to who they are and what they need. With Gov2Go, those expectations have been met – and surpassed.

Gov2Go is the first personal assistant for government. It’s a nationwide solution that delivers essential federal, state, and local government services to citizens quickly and easily via the devices they use today and includes convenient functionality like one-click payments.

Gov2Go is a platform that can be quickly implemented at low cost and without significant operational impact to existing government infrastructure. It is also designed to evolve and expand to support the emerging technologies and delivery channels of tomorrow.


Gov2Go is more than some future vision of government – it is being used today by citizens across the country. Key services are available in all 50 states, and governments are continually adding unique services to the Gov2Go platform for the benefit of their constituents. In Arkansas, for example, more than 20 percent of the population use Gov2Go to receive notifications for a suite of services that includes vehicle registration renewals, property tax payments, and more.

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  • Citizen-Centric
    • Gov2Go brings together all of your citizens’ interactions – at every level of government – onto one convenient platform in a way that is personalized, timely, and relevant. In this way, Gov2Go enables you to deliver exactly what citizens are asking for: transactions and secure payments that are quick, easy, and stress-free.
  • Gov2Go Learns
    • Through its startup wizard, Gov2Go asks users a few simple questions and maps their responses to the services integrated into its platform. Based on the information provided, Gov2Go creates a personal profile that tells the user what government services are being tracked.
  • Gov2Go Notifies
    • For each government deadline Gov2Go tracks, users can opt to receive email reminders and messages when a deadline is approaching. Reminders are written in plain language and include helpful instructions and links for quickly taking care of things online.
  • Gov2Go Tracks
    • The Gov2Go timeline plots each user’s government deadlines and key dates for the year in sequential order, counting down the remaining days as each deadline approaches. Gov2Go Completes
    • An intuitive interface offers one-click payments that resemble familiar online retail experiences. Payment information is conveniently stored for future use, enabling users to complete their transactions quickly.


  • No RFP required
  • Secure, PCI compliant
  • No set-up fees, maintenance fees or minimum volumes
  • Launch services with or without payment
  • Mobile first

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